Week 1 – Dean Shareski #etmooc

ETMOOC so far….

I’ve been lucky to have been to 2 courses run by Alec Couros in Sydney. So the first session the connected/networked educator I had been to before. But the beauty of it is that there is always something new to learn. The Blogging session was interesting to those new to blogging, like me. Many of the participants on that morning were from Australia, also I didn’t realise that Sue Waters was also Australian.

Today’s session Sharing is Accountability with Dean Shareski was a highlight.  It really made me think about the way we do our weekly PD sessions for the staff. As an Assistant Principal I work in the executive team in constructing a timetable for our Wednesday sessions. What we need to cover, targets, training and reporting back from outside courses. It has never occurred to me to ask the staff what they would like to discuss or learn more about. It is generally left up to myself and another Assistant Principal at the school to run these sessions. It is us sharing our knowledge with the rest , very oneway , but not meaning to be.

The hour webinar covered many ideas with collaboration from educators worldwide. However it came down to the following:-

LEARN &  SHARE – these are a moral imperative – we learn something ,we share something. Dean then went on to outline examples of how educators can share their knowledge with various degrees of  personal exposure. e.g. Share on Pinterest, Diigo, classroom blogs, encouragers, the “how to” people, curators and self reflectors of personal teaching practice.

He left us with these responsibilities as educators-

More autonomy for teachers – we allow students to choose their own learning direction with the use of PBL but we dictate what teachers need to know. We do not let them choose their learning projects.

More connections – build knowledge base

More sharing – the ultimate purpose

The following is Dean’s pre conference Keynote for K12 online 2010 – it is this mornings  session in a nutshell. I know I will go back to school next week with a few suggestions on how we can make learning more personalised and meaningful for our teachers.


K-12 Online Pre Conference Keynote


So tomorrow morning at 11.00am  in Sydney – hope google calendar time converter is working properly -I will begin with 1200 educators worldwide a journey . This journey into the world of Educational Technology is what  I love about being an educator at this time of change. I teach Kindergarten and watch as these 5 and 6 year olds pick up skills so quickly and confidently that they are able to create end products which only a few years ago were only thought suitable for those much older. Watching the excitement  and pride in a class creating their first Animoto or filming a book report on an Ipod as they have the words but  not the writing skills. This is what technology has brought to the very young . It has given them a voice to share their knowledge to wider audience then just the classroom walls.This is authentic learning. I look forward in sharing with others over the next few months and reflecting on my practice.

New Year – blogging will happen…

So I started this blog in a blaze of glory last October and posted 1 post. School got in the way. This time it will be better. I am taking part in etmooc and we need to blog. So over the coming weeks my posts will be about  learning and discovery with over 1200 educators worldwide. It begins tomorrow and will continue until the end of March.

My very first blog…

After so many years , well probably only 2, I have decided to blog.

I have read a few and have definitely seen the purpose of them, but always thought I have nothing really important to say. Up until now.

I have joined a MOOC – Leadership 2.0 – established by George Couros @gcouros from Canada. One of the tasks is to establish a blog and comment on your learning.  Also  I attended PLANE Festival of Learning @planejourney this weekend . I was also inspired by Henrietta Miller from Roseville College to blog from her session – Why Teachers Should Blog.

So here it is…I cannot say it will be earth shattering but hopefully it will be a reflection of my thoughts and actions about teaching and leading K-6.

My twitter tag is @susiej18. – also our school twitters @ccpslearning and @ccpsict